Bicycles, Essentials and Accessories

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Sun, Feb 7, 2016


Cedar Hill, TX

About This Activity

I remember being overwhelmed with the “Must Have” list for cycling. This session is designed to simplify the list, show how you can stagger your purchases and point you to solutions when working within a budget.  We have ask area shops to put together a start up package with special pricing for beginners who are ready to get started.

Minimum of 10 Registrations to Make this Event

  • Bicycle: Most area bicycle shops carry a few most popular make and model of bicycle.  Each will also carry a few unique brands that the other may not have.  And just about each one of them will custom order bicycles to your specification.  You can even have a total custom build that is sure to fit you like a glove.  It is so wonderful to see the various bikes people have chosen and to learn why they made their choice.
  • Helmet: This is the easiest purchase you will make as there is no option here.  You must buy a helmet.  Some of us have more than one!
  • Shorts: One often made mistake is wearing something between you and your cycling shorts.  Don’t do that.  We will explain more and give you some great tips for buying cycling shorts.
  • Hydration: This must have has many simple inexpensive solutions.  But the solutions are different for different seasons.  Most are common sense and others are among the tips seasoned cyclists will share.
  • Eye Protection: Yes! And not only from the sun, but from those pest little insects who’s target is your face.
  • Rearview Mirror:  A most overlooked item that you can pick up for under $10 and can literally save our life.
  • And more: Every cyclist has that item that wasn’t in the list they saw when surfing the web.  I look forward to telling you about my special items I discovered on my own.

Event details and schedule

Event Time: 1:00 - 3:00

Water will be provided.

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