Cameco Cowboy Tough Expedition Adventure Race

Event Date

Thu, Jul 17, 2014


Casper, WY

About This Activity

In conjunction with the State of Wyoming and the city of Casper, REV3 Adventure is excited to present year two of the three and a half day Cameco and the City of Casper Cowboy Tough Expedition Race. This race will challenge individual’s and teams’ physical and mental endurance to the limit. With Wyoming as the backdrop for the event, you can expect a wide variety of terrain that is beautiful, rugged, and inspiring.

Read more about this exciting event in the 2014 pre-registration guide here.

This is a video overview of the scouting trip to Wyoming to design the Cameco and the City of Casper Cowboy Tough Expedition Race course – Video

Race Summary

Each day of the race will be broken into stages that will take between 16 and 24 hours to complete. The stage must be completed in a prescribed time to avoid being short-coursed or having points deducted. Teams will be held at the end of each stage at a transition area (TA) called a “Dark Zone” before being allowed to continue to the next stage. Mandatory points must be collected between TAs. Optional points collected will determine who will ultimately be crowned winner of the Cameco and the City of Casper Cowboy Tough Expedition Race.
For elite adventure racers, there will be adequate optional points to keep you racing nonstop for the duration of the race. For teams out for the experience, collecting mandatory points will push you to your limits but also allow for recovery and rest during the “Dark Zone.”

This is a non supported race.  REV3 will transport a 2x2x4 box container for each team to the transitions areas for resupply.

Distances and disciplines

Day 1
15-40 miles trekking
20-30 miles single-track biking
10-15 miles road biking
40-60 miles fire road biking
Total distance = 80-115 miles

Day 2
10-15 miles fire road biking
30-45 miles of road biking
12-20 miles trekking
15-20 miles flat-water paddle
Total distance = 90-100 miles

Day 3
80-100 miles fire road biking
15 miles white water rafting
5-20 miles trekking
Total distance = 100-140 miles

Day 4
50 miles road biking
5 miles trekking
5 miles Class III paddling
Total distance = 60 miles

Grand total distance = 330-400 miles

Event schedule and times





July 16th - 11am

Check  in opens

Team check in & maps distributed

Crossroads Park

July 16th - noon-3pm

Gear Check

Mandatory gear check

Crossroads Park

July 16th - noon-3pm

Rappel Skills Check

Test knowledge of use of rappel device

Crossroads Park

July 16th - 5pm-6:30pm

Pre-Race Brief

Walk through rules, course, Q&A

Ramkota Hotel

July 16th - 6:30- 8:30pm

Load Equipment

All gear is loaded into transport

Crossroads Park

July 16th - 8:30pm

Transport leaves

All gear is transported to race start

Crossroads Park

July 17th - 5am

Teams depart

All teams depart via bus to race start

Crossroads Park

July 17th - 9am

Race Start

Near South Pass City

July 20st - noon

Race ends

Crossroads Park

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