Schondelfire Station Tour Memorial Marathon

Event Date

Sun, Sep 6, 2015


Cary, NC

About This Activity

Full, half, and segment run through the Cary Fire Stations

"Going the Extra Mile"
We are paying tribute to our friend and fellow firefighter Jon Schondelmayer who spent 20 years working his way through almost every station before passing in December of 2013 in a line of duty-related death.

The inaugural Schondelfire Station Tour Memorial Marathon race is open this year to a select 75 people. Marathon runners will follow pedestrian rules. The registration will include finishing medals, shirts, magnets, and other gifts.

The event has three options:

1. A full marathon that starts at Cary Fire Station #6 (3609 Ten-Ten Rd., Cary NC, 27518) and finishes at Cary Fire Station #8 (27.2mi.)( 408 Mills park Dr. Cary NC 27519.)

2. Half marathon that starts near Station #1 (Harrison Pointe Shopping Center- 270 Grande Heights Dr. Cary NC 27511) and ends up at Cary Fire Station #8 (14.1mi.)( 408 Mills park Dr. Cary NC 27519.)

3. The segment option allows teams to decide how many people it will take to relay run either the full or half versions.

The course winds through greenways and streets alike. The course visits almost every Cary fire station actually running through several of the fire station bays. Cary Fire stations will act as both rest and accountability stops.

Full Marathon- $100
Half Marathon- $75
Segment- $45/ per runner (maximum of 5 runners- switching happens at fire stations to ensure accountability)

Monies raised will go to purchase gifts that promote healthy, active lifestyles in order to prolong lives for needy children.  These gifts will be presented during the holiday season during the Town of Cary's Interact gift-giving program that contacts families directly and awards gifts to them individually.

Parking for full marathon will be at the shopping left across the street from 3909 Ten- Ten rd.Parking for the half event will be at 270 Grande Heights Dr. Cary, NC 27513- between the Rite-Aid and the Kangaroo Express. Races start at 0700 and 0930 exactly- so don't be late.

Marathon information package pickup with swag will be at 3909 Ten-Ten rd. Cary, NC (Cary Fire Station #6) on September 3, 4, and 5 from 5:00pm until 9:00 pm. Please ask for Yoko, John, or Craig. If these hours are impossible, bags can be picked up at the finish line. For eligibility to run, indemnity waiver must be signed before event. Transportation from the finish line back to the starting point is the responsibility of the runner. We look forward to seeing you there.

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