OSB Powerstroke Freestyle Swim Clinic

Event Date

Mon, Mar 2, 2015


Cary, NC

About This Activity

Powerstroke® is Coach Marty Gaal's method for teaching effective competitive swimming to adult triathletes and open water racers. It is both a teaching method and a way of swimming. Powerstroke® is a concept developed to help athletes understand the integral relationship between good technique and the application of force when swimming. It is a drill that can be incorporated into daily practices as well as a stroke form that will help you torpedo your way to a PR finish. This clinic is 5.5 hours in length.

Each Powerstroke clinic is approved for 6 CEUs from USA Triathlon.

Our itinerary includes - (start time 12PM):
12-1: Meet and greet, Lecture: What is Powerstroke®
1-230: Powerstroke® Swim Practice, drills, and demonstrations
230-330: Individual swimmer filming
330-500: Swim Film Review & Lecture: Effective Swimming Strategies & Lunch (included)
500-515: Running drills
515: clinic ends

Cost is $139.99 (119.99 no DVD) and includes:
- The Powerstroke: Speed through force and form DVD
- a booklet of all presented material
- an individual swim analysis (recorded)
- a DVD of all attendees' swim analysis
- a Powerstroke® swim cap
- Lunch

$89.99 for repeat attendees.

You can sign up online through the link below or through the SportOften website.

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