EnduraFit Team Challenge at TRI-MANIA Boston

Event Date

Sat, Mar 29, 2014


Cambridge, MA

About This Activity

Part of the TRI-MANIA Summit and Expo, the EnduraFit Team Challenge is a competition designed for clubs looking for their first team event of the season. The EnduraFitTeam Challenge is comprised of 3 events: the Marathon Sports Campus Dash, the FastSplits Indoor Bike Time Trial (TT) and the Relay Team Swim Challenge. Register your team for the EnduraFit Team Challenge and you'll be entering a team of 4 into each of these competitive events... teams may enter the same 4 members in all 3 competitive events or up to 12 different members (i.e. 4 different people in each of the 3 competitive events).

Determining a Winner:

The times of each individual member in an event is combined to form a Team Time. The Team Time from all three individual events will then be combined to form an Overall Team Time... the team with the fastest Overall Team Time will be crowned the Team Challenge Champion!

Description of the Team Challenge Events:

The Marathon Sports Campus Dash: The Campus Dash is a 3 mile race on the MIT campus that begins and ends on the MIT track next to the Zesiger Sports & Fitness Center. The race start is 9AM. Each member of the 4-person team must complete the 5k course and the combined time of all 4 members will be the Team Time for the event. Your team must include at least 1 female.

 FastSplits Indoor Bike Time Trial (TT): The TT has each member of a 4-person team hook their bike to a CompuTrainer and ride a 10k course. CompuTrainers simulate the feel of the road with varying degrees of road resistance just like the real thing! Each team member must complete the 10k and the combined time of all 4 members forms the TT Team Time. TT heats are offered throughout the day and you select your TT heat when registering. The TT takes place on the expo floor inside the Zesiger Center. Your team must include at least 1 female.

Relay Team Swim Challenge: The Swim Challenge is a 800 yard relay swim event that requires each member of a 4-person team to swim 200 yards. The combined time of each member will be the Team Time. The Swim Challenge takes place in the pool of the Zesiger Center. There will be three heat times (10:45am, 11:15am, 11:45am). Your team must include at least 1 female.


Each event in the EnduraFit Team Challenge will award a prize to the top males and females and each member of the 1st place team. The top 3 overall teams in the Team Challenge will also be awarded prizes (to be announced).

Event schedule and times

Your Team Captain:

The Team Captain registers the team and a team will consist of a minimum of 4 members and a max of 12. You must provide the name, date of birth and email address of at least 4 team members to complete the registration process. All team members will be required to sign a liability waiver for the events they are participating in during check in on the day of the event. If you select one of the Team Challenge entries that has your Time Trial heat starting at 9AM you will need to have at least 8 team members -- 4 to run in the Campus Dash at 9am and 4 to compete in the Time Trial.

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