Mark Allen Triathlon Research Boulder Camp (24 - 29 August)

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Sun, Aug 24, 2014


Boulder, CO

About This Activity

Attention Triathletes - don’t make any plans for 24 - 29 August until you read this…


Who Else Wants To Crush Their Goals

With The Help Of The Worlds Most Respected Coaches, Athletes, and Teachers.

Like..Mark Allen,Terry Laughlin

Suzanne Atkinson

And More…


Join 39 other enthusiastic Triathletes in Boulder Colorado, for a thrilling, and intense 6-day hands on learning bootcamp with respected teachers like Mark Allen, Terry Laughlin, Suzanne Atkinson, and more...


From The Desk Of Samuel Cook:

Founder of Triathlon Research

Dear Friend,


If you’d like to blast through whatever triathlon obstacle stands in your way. (No matter how big it is.) And receive intense hands on instruction from the world’s most respected triathlon coaches, athletes.

All while having an absolute blast with other triathletes, biking, running, and swimming in one of America’s most beautiful areas, Boulder Colorado (The Triathlon Mecca of the World.)

Then read every word on the page… Because you’re about to discover how to attend a triathlete’s dream come true training session.

Real quick though,

Here’s why you should come.

According to the  legendary Mark Allen - There are main three reasons why you can’t break through whatever obstacle stands in your way.

In fact, if there’s a plateau holding you back.

Or some other obstacle.

It’s probably because one of these three reasons.

Those reasons are…


What separates champions from ordinary triathletes is their mindset, and their form.

Not their fitness.

In fact, one thing champions do differently.

Is they do a lot of thinking during their training…

Mindful, purposeful, form-driven training sessions.

They study their form, how they run, they find inefficiencies, and they hammer away until they’re gone.

Most triathletes don’t even begin to train at this level.

For example…

Do you know exactly how efficient you are as a swimmer, and how much more efficient you could be?

Do you know how to swim your current pace, while using only half the energy, so you don’t have dead legs the rest of the race?

Same logic applies to running.

Studies show you could be wasting up to 10% of your energy while running.

And when it comes to cycling. You may have heard form doesn’t matter.

But it does.

In cycling your form is actually your bike fit.

And if you have a poor bike fit, you could be 20% less efficient.

Which means you could go the same speed, without using as much energy.

Most coaches and athletes have no idea how design intelligent, form-based training into their workouts. So they leave it out.

And others think working on form, means neglecting fitness.


In fact, training to race more efficiently is one of the best things you can do as a triathlete.

These are the problems that all triathletes are facing.

So we arranged a 6-Day Training Camp to be held in Boulder Colorado, and I’ve arranged for an exclusive, all inclusive 6-day triathlon camp.

Where you can join a group of 39 other triathletes, and receive teaching and training by some the world’s foremost and respected coaches of the sport.

This will all take place on 24 - 29 August, in Boulder Colorado (Rated 3rd best bike city in America. - Plus the running trails are downright amazing.)

6 Days of Intense Learning

From The Best Coaches In The World.

So let’s get right too it.

Here’s who will be there - and here’s what we’ll all do together.

Day 1 - Coach Suzanne Atkinson will give you a complete overview of Triathlon Training for the three main component parts.

Form, Fitness, and Mindset.

On Form - Most people skip the form work, and jump straight into fitness, which is a big mistake. This can cause injuries and imprint bad form during the countless hours of training.

Many times unlearning bad form is harder than just starting from scratch.

Not only that but in every aspect of the triathlon your form matters,

Swimming, riding, running. You name it.

And when it comes time to race, your form and your mindset will be what puts you ahead.

On Fitness- While most athlete try and log tons of hours. There is a much better way.

Because you can incorporate form into all levels of your training plan.

On Mindest - This revealing lecture on mindset, and your relationship to the sport will help you determine your where your blocks are and to how to overcome them.

For example, where do you want to be, as a triathlete?

What is stopping you from getting there?

Is it mental, form based, or fitness based?

Whatever it is, your mind will be the one that makes you take the steps to fix it.

We’ll equip your mind and give you the tools to use it.

Day 2 - Running Gait and Shot Fit at Boulder Running Company.



Suzanne Atkinson, M.D. Trained by 6-Time Olympic Coach Bobby McGee will teach about primal running.

Also, Jay Johnson, U.S. National running coach will do an in depth lecture on running form, and how to incorporate that into your every day training sessions.

He and Suzanne Atkinson will then take you out to work in small groups on your form, from Plyometrics, Activation Drills, Warm-up Drills, and Active Stretch.

These things will help you uncover the natural running form you have inside of yourself (which over the years, through injuries, life, Triathlon has become a bit undone).



Day 3 - Bike Fit and Bike Tricks


The Mechanics of Biking - In cycling, the form training is determined by your bike fit.

Since you’re locked into your bike for the entire Triathlon, it’s crucial to get this right.

Which is why we’ve booked a session at the World HQ of Retul, the data-driven, scientific mike fitters will show you how a good bike fit should be done.

If you like the bike fit, then you can schedule it during this week.

After that, Suzanne and the coaches will take you on a cycling workout.

This workout is focused on the little tricks of cycling.

The small things that can give you a big edge.

Like how to do a flying mount…

How to dismount quickly.

How to do lightning fast bike transition.

Then we’ll do a technical ride in the flats outside of Boulder.

This will show you how to run different types of workouts, and how to integrate some cadence drills and tempo drills into your cycling.

Day 4 - Rocky Mountain Ride Day


Part 1: Run and Cycling Training Planning - After the two days of form focused training, Suzanne will show you how to integrate the form lessons into your everyday training.

Part 2: Beautiful Mountain Ride: We’ll spend the 2nd part of the day on an amazing ride through the peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

This is a great long bike ride to see the majesty of riding altitude.

This ride is to throw some fitness training into the program.

But it’s also tons of fun.

And don’t worry about your skill level.

Groups will be divided by ability.

So you’re riding with other people your level.


You will go spend 1hour at the world’s best running company, where expertly trained shoe engineers will take you through a foot strike analysis of your form on the treadmill, so you can see exactly how you run.

Then using data from your analysis they will show you which shoes will work best for the way you run.

Finally, try these shoes out on a great social pizza and beer run with the best runners in the Boulder community and the world of endurance sports.

Day 5 - Learn how to swim like a dolphin.

This is when the event gets really good.

On this day you’ll learn from Terry Laughlin.

Not only is he one of the most respected swim trainers alive.

But he’ll be giving a talk specifically about swimming as a triathlete.

For example, how do you incorporate your triathlon training with your swim training?

Or what is the amount of energy you should spend on the swim vs everything else?

Terry Laughlin will cover topics like these, among several others.

For the rest of the day, Terry’s lessons will show you…

Unlocking Swimming Efficiency - How to shape your body like a sleek, wave cutting vessel.

The foremost expert in the world on swimming efficiency is going to dive deep on to swim efficiently.

The Math Of Speed - After you’ve figured out efficiency, Terry you show you everything you need to think about improving your speed. (Please note: This is based on math and data driven swim sets, not a yardage based approach.)

TI Master Workshop - Terry and his TI coaches will take you through a focused swim session.

You will practice his famous balance and efficiency drills, as well as work on the ‘math’ of speed - these two sessions on efficiency and speed will lock in the learning from the morning sessions.


Day 6 - Quiet Your Mind, Race Like A Champion - WIth Mark Allen.

Up until this point, the camp has been intensely focused on form, which is a very physical and mentally taxing way to learn.

But on this day, Mark Allen is going to help you “forget” yourself for a day, and tap into the most powerful asset you have as a triathlete - your mind.

Mark Allen will reveal how you “train” your mind to push your body to its limits?

This is an absolutely critical skill, and Mark Allen, the greatest Triathlete of all time, is the best teacher in the world on this topic.

Later, we will lift you from the classroom, and go on a journey through your mind, with Mark Allen as your teacher, your mind as the student, and the beautiful vistas of Boulder Colorado as a beautiful roaming classroom.

Your body will simply be along for the pleasant ride.

This day is a day to forget about form, and learn to ‘quiet’ your mind, and practice the mental skills required for racing.

The day will be broken into 3 parts:

1st -An Open Water Swim - Led by Mark Allen (And Terry Laughlin in Attendance) - you’ll discover how to visualize a swim in a race. Then you will swim in the Boulder reservoir for guided, hands on practice.

We expect this to take 90 minutes, you’ll experiment with your new swimming mindset - and your relationship to swimming. (Which can deeply impact how well you perform.)

2nd- Mid Morning Ride- Mark Allen will show you a new way to think about your cycling workouts We are so data driven and obsessed now, but what about throwing all that equipment away, and working on your mindset. Focusing on basic but crucial things like…

How do you feel on the bike?

And how to get in a state of flow on the bike.

Then we’ll take a quick break and stop at some significant places to Mark Allen’s story.

You’ll get to stroll through Boulder, and at these stops we’ll check up with everyone, and to think through the lessons, while we ride.

Afternoon Running Tour of Boulder - On this running session through the beautiful trails of Boulder, Mark will reveal how to quiet your mind while running.

And how to think about the ways to ‘win’ the triathlon on the run.

The run is the most brutal part of the race due to combined energy expenditure of the race, and the unique physical pounding you experience on your body on the run.

If that's not enough...

Dinner - We have scheduled a wonderful dinner with Mark Allen, where he’ll tell us about his new book, along with other riveting stories about his best and most challenging Ironman victories.

After the book signing, we’ll all just hang out and enjoy the evening.

(You’ll meet a lot of interesting triathletes.)

At the end of this 6 days of Triathlon Training, you will have delved into two new worlds that will help you take your Triathlon to the next level.

Working on your form is not something you do in bits and pieces.

It is a mindset you develop that informs ALL of your training.

Learning how to use your mind as a weapon on the race, rather than an energy draining inhibitor, your mind will breakthrough to the next level - so you can achieve even those ‘crazy’ dreams you have.


Get A Fortune’s Worth of Coaching,

For A Fraction Of The Price.

(Plus Enjoy This Wonderful Getaway)


What will you have to pay for such valuable lessons, and the thrilling pleasure of this captivating triathlete getaway?

These coaches charge thousands of dollars for their time, but you’ll have face to face access for several days.

Not only do you get incredibly valuable access to some of the best trainers on earth…

And the following amazing bonuses (worth almost $2k in value)

  • 6 Days of Free Food (nutrition) provided for the camp - this will be planned and cooked by a registered dietitian at the camp - (For a traveling athlete this is worth up to $60-80 per day - $400 - $500 value for a 6 day camp).

  • A limited edition signed copy of Mark Allen's 'Art of Competition' book which includes 24 bonus essays from Mark on his favorite quotes from the book (This book retails at $120)

  • Access to a speech that Mark typically charges $10,000 when he gives to corporations on 'The Art of Competition.'

  • Full Copy of all Camp Videos - will be sold separately for $500 to non attendees

All it will cost you is $2465.

Which is a terrific bargain considering you get incredibly valuable access to some of the best trainers on earth…

  • Jay Johnson - Nike National Running Champion Coach (Run Day Coach)

  • Terry Laughlin - Total Immersion Founder (Swim Day Coach)

  • Ivan O'Gorman - Retul Master Bike Fitter - Fitter for Craig Alexander -3X IM World Champ (Bike Day Coach)

  • Mark Allen - 6-Time Ironman World Champion (Mental Skills and Racing Day Coach)

  • Suzanne Atkinson - Founder, Steel City Endurance, TI Master Coach, Level II USA Cycling Coach, Bobby McGee Certified Run Coach (Camp Head Coach)

  • Kim Schwabenbauer - Professional IM Athlete, Registered Dietitian, TI Coach (Assistant Coach)

  • Celeste St. Pierre - Total Immersion Master Coach (Assistant Coach)

You’ll also have a blast.

Swimming, riding, running, and hiking through one of America’s most beautiful areas.

With other triathletes, and even triathlete legends.  

Only 40 Spots Available.

Due to the exclusive nature of this event, we have to cap the attendees at 40.

Many of these spots have already been snatched up.

And that was before we officially put the offer out there.

These spots are going to go fast.

Act now.

You don’t want to delay, only to find out you missed the cut-off, only to kick yourself about it for the whole year.

Here’s How To Join Us.

To join us in Boulder Co from 24 - 29 August for this wonderful experience.


It’s easy - just fill out the information below.

Answer the few simple questions, then hit submit.

If you want to make sure you the right fit for the camp, and we can help you, you can join us for a free 1-on-1 45 minute phone strategy call, where we’ll go over the specific details, and you can ask me all the questions you like.

So, to get started on your camp application and filling out your details, just click here to book your free strategy session

Live fully. Dream Big. And Dare to Achieve.


Samuel P.N. Cook

Founder, Triathlon Research


P.S. If you have any questions about this offer at all. You can reach me to ask any questions by booking our free strategy call.


Event schedule and times

  • 6 Day Event, 24 - 29 August
    • Day 1 - Triathlon Planning and Theory
      • Workshop #1 - Form (Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.)
      • Workshop #2 - Fitness (Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.)
      • Workshop #3 - Mindset (Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.)
      • Workshop #4 - Goal (Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.)
    • Day 2 am - Mastering the Run
      • Workshop #1 - Running BioMechanics (Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.)
      • Workshop #2 - Race Pace Running (Jay Johnson)
      • Workshop #3 - Injury Proofing your Running Chassis (Jay Johnson)
    • Day 2 pm - Running Drill Sessions
      • Drill Session #1 - Running Streching, Activation, Plyomterics, Drills (Suznne Atkinson, M.D.)
      • Drill Session #2 - Core Strengthening Exercises for Run (Jay Johnson)
      • Drill Session #3 - Running Gait Analysis (Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.)
    • Day 3 am - Bicycling Sessions
      • Workshop #1 - Bike Fitting - Art & Science (Ivan O'Gorman, Retul)
      • Workshop #2 - Bike Fitting Practical Exercise (Ivan O'Gorman, Retul)
      • Workshop #3 - Cycling Exercises and Training (Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.)
    • Day 3 pm - Bicyling Workouts
      • Transition Drill Training - Swim to Bike (Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.)
      • Training Drill Training - Bike to Run (Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.)
      • Cycling Workout - Cadence, Cycling Workout Set Demonstration, Threshold Pacing. (Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.)
    • Day 4 am - Fitness Day: Translating Form into Fitness
      • Workshop #1 - Integrating Form and Fitness (Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.)
      • Workshop #2 - Triathlon Nutrition (Kim Schwabenbauer)
    • Day 4 pm - Triathlon Fitness Day
      • Fitness Workout #1 - 3-4 Rocky Mountain Ride (Kim Schwabenbauer, All Coaches)
      • Workshop #3 - Shoe Fit and Run Gait Analysis Boulder Running Co (Suzanne Atkinson, M.D.)
      • Fitness Workout #2 - Boulder Running Community Trail Run (Sam Cook)
      • Social Event #1 - Boulder Running Community Pizza and Beer (Sam Cook)
    • Day 5 am - The Swim Day: How to Stop Losing It on the Swim
      • Workshop #1 - The Triathlon Energy Budget - how swimming impacts your racing (Terry Laughlin)
      • Workshop #2 - Swimming Efficiency - stop chasing speed, let speed come to you (Terry Laughlin)
      • Workshop #3 - The Math of Speed - Dialing in your speed (Terry Laughlin)
    • Day 5 pm - The TI Swim Workshop
      • Swim Station #1 - Dry Deck Drills Rehearsal (Terry Laughlin, TI Coaches)
      • Swim Station #2 - Balance Drills (Terry Laughlin, TI Coaches)
      • Swim Staiton #3 - Streamline Drills (Terry Laughlin, TI Coaches)
      • Swim Station #4 - Propulsion Drills (Terry Laughlin, TI Coaches)
      • Swim Sation #5 - Dialing in your speed - tempo Trainer (Terry Laughlin, TI Coaches)
    • Day 6 am - Learning How to Quiet Your Mind
      • Workshop #1 - Visualizing the swim start and your open water swim (Mark Allen)
      • Workshop #2 - Visualizing Victory on the Bike (Mark Allen)
      • Workshop #3 - Fighting off defeat on the run (Mark Allen)
      • Social Event #2 - Mark Allen, Art of Competition Speech, Book Signing, and Dinner (Sam Cook, Mark Allen).
  • What to Bring
    • Bike
    • Bike Shoes
    • Wetsuit
    • Swimsuit
    • Goggles
    • Running Shoes
  • Accomodations
    • Special Group Pricing Available at Millenium Hotel
    • Camp Facebook Group setup for sharing arrangements on housing

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