Fast 5k 2015

Event Date

Tue, Jan 6, 2015


Boulder, CO

About This Activity

What it Entails

In combination with our popular Winter Canyonlands Program, the unique and exclusive F4 FAST 5K Program offers these additional benefits for boosting your speed:

  • A special Thursday morning, 7am workout led by Coach Tim at assorted locations. Enjoy spicy track workouts, rewarding hill running, and sizzling speed sessions designed to improve your run form and make you faster!
  • Receive a special training schedule, just for FAST 5K athletes that will blend base/aerobic development workouts with more intense threshold, VO2, and speed sessions. Optional additional mileage days will be scheduled as well.
  • Coach Tim will be your personal coach from January 6th - March 21st, and will be available by email, phone, or in-person for your training-related questions.
  • Enjoy Tuesday evening and Saturday morning F4 group workouts alongside your F4 FAST 5K and regular Winter RUN teammates
  • Springboard right into our spring training and a BolderBOULDER 10K PR!
  • All F4 athlete abilities are welcome!

Event details and schedule

FAST 5K Weekly Group Schedule

Tuesday 6:00 PM North Boulder Park with RUN group
Thursday 7:00 AM Various Boulder Locations with FAST 5K teammates
Saturday 9:00 AM North Boulder Park with RUN group

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