Giulian Grasso's 3rd Annual Boulder City "Helmet UP" 5K Fun Run or 1-Mile Walk

Event Date

Sat, Apr 26, 2014


Boulder City, NV

About This Activity

Giulian Grasso will be present at the race.

Here is his story:

On April 22, 2012 our son, Giulian Grasso, suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury.  He spent 41 days on life support, with no hope from the doctors that he would live.  When he started showing signs of life, he was medically flown, in a vegetative state, to Moss Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  After spending 95 days in the Moss Rehabilitation's re-emergence program, he was ready to come home, with the understanding he would need to continue intensive therapy for years to come.
At this point, doctors realize that Giulian is a miracle and has proven science wrong.  He is now using his right side, talking, feeding himself, sitting up and fighting like crazy to stand and walk again.  Giulian's ability to control his left side is limited due to the extensive right hemisphere brain damage that can only improve with intense rehabilitation therapy.  However, he is showing signs of improvement on his left side.  
To date, Giulian completed his junior year of high school through Boulder City High School Homebound program.  He accomplished his goal of returning to Boulder City High School for his senior year and is on track to graduate in 2014 with his class receiving a regular high school diploma.  He also attended and graduated the Nevada Community Enrichment Program.  Giulian is currently going to Healthsouth Desert Canyon for physical and occupation therapy three days a week, which is covered by our insurance.
Giulian's needs are beyond what insurance-approved traditional rehabilitation offers.  While still helpful, Giulian supplements traditional rehabilitation by attending Project Walk in Carlsbad, California. This program is a self-pay, intensive, non-traditional boot-camp rehabilitation left, which has a two hour minimum at $220.  Its success is well documented and their cutting edge rehabilitation techniques have assisted spinal cord injury patients to walk again.  Project Walk is now coming to Vegas and is scheduled to open sometime in February.  On to of that, Giulian receives Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy twice a week, which is $200 an hour.  
As you can imagine Giulian's therapy needs are intensive.  There are even additional well documented cutting-edge non-insurance covered treatments such as acupuncture and stem-cell therapy, which we are hoping to try next.  Plus we are slowly, but surely building Giulian a home gym to assist with more effective therapy at home. 
In order for our family to continue furthering Giulian's intensive therapy, we have put this 5K Fun Run or Mile Walk to raise money for his needs to fully recover.  
If you have questions, want further information please feel free to contact me (Kayla Grasso) at 702-232-2135.

Thank you for your support,
The Grasso Family

Event schedule and times

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall prizes.

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