TriObstaClon Spring

Event Date

Sat, Oct 11, 2014


Boalsburg, PA

About This Activity

This Team Building (or individual) Triathlon Obstacle Course is challenging but has a role for any fitness level. It promotes the World Health Organization's World Health Day.

Individual racers and teams of 3 racers (each team member running one leg of the race) heats start at 9AM. You will be assigned a half hour window of time to start in and heats begin every 5 minutes.

Teams of 4-10 racers will not be timed but judged on points described below. You will be assigned a definitive time to start.

EVENTS: (all together back to back like a traditional triathlon)

Canoe around a pond equaling an average of 20 minutes (we supply canoes, paddles, and lifevest)

Mountain bike off-road up and down hills for about 20 minutes (you bring your bike and helmet)

Run/Walk/Climb to the top of the mountain and Zipline part way back down about 30 minutes


Individual Racers (running entire race by yourself) AND teams of only 3 (one person running each event) start at 9am in heats of 10 every 5 minutes. Transition area is at starting line but finish line is 200 yards away. CATEGORIES for individuals: Male and Female for each age range 16-19yrs, 20-29yrs, 30-39yrs, 40-49yrs, 50 and over. Teams of 3 have no categories other than "team of 3".

Team size is 4-10 racers and start at Noon in heats of 10 racers every 5 minutes. At least 2 members must do each event and members may do more than one event. Teams get points for: Amount of Team Members on your team (2pts for each), Amount of Fans (0-20pts judged by number of them and noise volume at finish), Custom Chant (0-20pts judged by volume, creativity, and spirit), Making a Baton to Pass from event to event (remember some members will be biking) and Team Uniform (0-20pts for creativity), If teammates run the Individual Race in the morning and place top 3 in their category ( your team gets 10pts per racer; limit 20pts maximum) The teammates running the morning individual race do not count in the 4-10 racer limit.


  • Individuals will get an award if they finish top 3 in their age and gender category (listed above) per event split or for overall time. There will also be overall winners for the top 3 racers of the day.
  • Teams of 3 will only be racing against other teams of 3 and the top three teams receive awards for overall time as well as each event split (each team member will recieve an award if earned). 
  • We will try to avoid giving multiple awards to the same racer/team so if you win overall in your category, you will not also get an award for best event split, however, individuals can win two awards by also being one of the fastest 3 overall times of the day.
  • Teams of 4-10 members will all get participation awards as well as team awards for the categories listed above: Amount of team members, Amount of Fans, Custom Chant, Custom Baton/Uniform, and Overall points. Teams of 4-10 members will not be timed! This is a team building event and we want to see safe and friendly competition.


The TriObstaClon was created to give you motivation for your daily fitness. Sometimes motivation to get healthier is not enough, we need an event to shoot for in order to make the efforts feel real. Each time you exercise, you should get 5% closer to your goals than the day before (do not strive for perfection, strive for improvement.) By creating a team to race with, you will have a network of supporters. 

The World Health Organization is a group that encourages health and wellbeing and Real Recess will be donating a goal amount from this event of $2,500 to their efforts.

Event schedule and times

Friday April 4, 2014 5-8pm Registration Pick-up

Saturday April 5, 2014

7AM - Registration Pick-up (plan on registering at least an hour before your start time)

9AM - First Individual heat begins

Noon - First Team heat begins

3:30pm - Awards Begin

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