"3333" 2nd Annual Memorial WOD by CrossFit Riverchase

Event Date

Sat, May 31, 2014


Birmingham, AL

About This Activity

In Memory of Soldiers: CPT. JOSEPH W. SCHULTZ , S.F.C MARTIN R. APOLINAR , and SGT. AARON J. BLASJO who made the ultimate sacrifice during combat operations in May 2011 Operation Enduring Freedom.Below is an excerpt from a memo written by CFR owner and colleague of those that passed away: On May 29th, 2011 the men of “ODA 3333” took a severe loss when one of their vehicles was struck by an IED while conducting combat patrols once again in Afghanistan, killing three “team guys”.?? A few weeks later, in August of 2011 a friend of mine and member of ODA-3333 spent a week training here at our Facility. Our members took him in as if they too had shared moments of military bonding. I decided that his last workout with us needed to be special. It needed to be something that would mean so much more than just another session in the gym. I wanted my athletes to feel the struggle and dedication that our men and women in the military experience...voluntarily. I wanted to honor (as much as can realistically be done) the sacrifice of the lost members of 3333 and to do so with one of their own right here on the black mats beside us.?? I created a WOD that would have one repetition for each number in their team name. 3,333 repetitions. The next morning we turned on the timer and set of on this journey. No one knew if this was possible or even reasonable. We had no clue if we would make it all the way or even half way. But we did.... Everyone did.... Some managed to go sub- 2 hours and others fought on for over 3 hours. But every single person said out loud that they would not quit because our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen have vowed to us that they will never quit.?? Over the next two years this WOD had gone underground and was attempted and completed in the U.S., Afghanistan and even Tajikistan. I have received emails of servicemen who heard of it and wanted to try.?Now it can be your turn. On Saturday 1 June, 2013 my affiliate, CrossFit Riverchase hosted a (friendly) competition called the “3333 Memorial WOD”. Its very simple. There are -- 30 exercises (bodyweight or light weighted Crossfit movements) at 100 reps each. 3 brief cardio events at 300 meters each. 3 medium-weight lifts at 10 reps each?- 3, 18ft. rope climbs to finish. This totals 3,333 reps for time. During the day, every single person will reached a point in which they wanted to quit, they wanted to give up but would then remember why they are there in the first place. To honor those who gave all for our freedom. So even if you don't take home a prize, you will take home a feeling of gratitude and pride. Join us this year on May 31st for the second annual “3333 Memorial WOD” with the addition of the “WeightVest Division” for those performing the 3333 reps under a weight load and the “Endurance Division” will have these participants perform the 3,333 reps then finish with a 5K run. -Sean Dickson

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