Shenandoah Family Adventure Race

Event Date

Sat, Apr 26, 2014


Bentonville, VA

About This Activity

Want to get the whole family involved in an awesome activity off the beaten path? Parents will team up with one to two family members age 5 to 16 and follow the provided map via canoe, bike and foot to a variety of checkpoints. Teams will have 3 hours to find as many checkpoints as possible. Each checkpoint and challenge will be given different point values, so strategy is vital. The highest point accumulation in the shortest amount of time will determine ranking. We will have several challenges set up on the course, each involving lots of teamwork. At major checkpoints the teams will have mystery challenges and questions to answer before they can move on to find additional checkpoints and accomplish more team challenges. Once the teams have found all of the required checkpoints, they sprint back to cross the REV3 Adventure finish line. After the race, great food, door prizes, and awards will be available for all competing teams. This race is focused on getting parents active with their kids outdoors. The different challenges and time you spend together will be unforgettable.

Event schedule and times

Make sure you check out the 2014 Racers Guide. It has all the information you need for race day.

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