Run What You Brung

Event Date

Sun, May 4, 2014


Beaumont, CA

About This Activity

R u n W h a t Y o u B r u n g
May 4 th 2014
Sponsored by Yucaipa Valley Kiwanis Club
Serving the Children of Yucaipa Valley Since 1947
Race Starts at 1:00 p.m.
1. The Team
a. The team shall consist of four (4) pushers plus one (1) rider.
i. Teams are co-ed and must have two (2) pushers from each gender.
ii. Rider can be either male or female.
b. Rider must wear protective headgear during the race—no exceptions.
c. Riding on the vehicle is strictly forbidden except for the designated rider.
d. Race competitors must obey instructions from all race officials (Starter,
Timekeepers, etc.)
e. This is a “G” rated event. No inappropriate dress/theme or use of inappropriate
language will be allowed.
f. Good sportsmanship is required.
2. The Vehicle
a. Vehicle must be capable of running the course on the street.
b. All pushers must be touching the vehicle at all times.
c. Decorated vehicles are encouraged and logo/advertising from your group is
d. Vehicle may be of any material (wood, metal, etc.)
e. Swiveled wheels are required on one or both ends.
f. No form of propulsion other than pushers is allowed.
g. All vehicles will have a tech inspection before competing in the race.
3. Construction Safety
a. Vehicles must be firmly assembled so that no parts will break off during the race.
Passenger supports must be sturdy enough to make it impossible for the rider to
fall through during the race. All vehicles may be repaired between heats, if
needed. Any changes will require an additional tech inspection.
b. One (1) twelve inch (12”) push bar may be used at each of the corners and edged
suitable for the pusher(s). Minimize all sharp corners and edges.
c. Maximum width is sixty inches (60”) from outside to outside.
d. Maximum length is 100 inches (100”) from outside to outside.
e. Height should be in proportion to length and width to minimize tipping.
4. The Course
a. Course runs from start to finish on Yucaipa Blvd. Start is at Yucaipa Blvd. and
Bryant St. Finish is at Yucaipa Blvd. and Adams.
b. The course consists gentle turns and challenges.
5. Penalties

a. If any infractions on the vehicle are found during the tech inspection, the team
may fix infractions and be re-inspected prior to the first heat.
b. Disqualification may occur if the race officials see any unsafe behaviors during
the race (officials’ discretion).
c. Vehicles going out of bounds will be receive a five (5) second penalty but may
continue the race.
d. If the team loses control of the vehicle, a twenty (20) second penalty will be
imposed as long as all members of the team remain in contact with the vehicle at
all times.
6. Vehicle Classes
a. Open Class (any age 18 and up)
b. Over Forty (40) Class (all participants must be over age 40)
c. Corporate/Business Class
7. The Race
a. Each vehicle will run alone and will be timed.
b. Top four (4) teams will advance to finals.
8. Prizes
a. Winner of Open Races
b. Winner of Over Forty (40) Races
c. Winner of Corporate/Business Races
d. Most Original Vehicle
e. Most Original Costumes
9. Fees
a. $50 fee for each team/vehicle entry.
10. Registration
a. Forms are available at the Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce, 35139 Yucaipa Blvd.;
at the City of Yucaipa 34272 Yucaipa Blvd.; or at
b. For more information, please call 909 499-7770.

Event schedule and times

Races start at 1PM on May 4th.

Races will continue on a first come, first serve basis.

Races end at 4pm on May 4th.

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