5K Flash Mob - Beaufort Bells a Jingle!

Event Date

Fri, Dec 19, 2014


Beaufort, SC

About This Activity

Join the 5K Flash Mob on Dec 19th for the Mob's final 5K Flash Mob of 2014!  The 5K Flash Mob will start at 7:30PM, but you'll learn everything else the night before!!

Along with some "Jingly Bells" wear your favorite Christmas Sweater, an awesome Santa suit or anything you'd like over that Birthday Suit!!  It's going to be cold and it's going to be dark, but when you're running for a reason, it's always warm and bright ahead!!

From Charleston to Central Park & Washington DC, the Mob's routes have really transformed over the past year, and the Mob itself has grown.  Beaufort is challenging all Mob Members throughout the Lowcountry or in receipt of the VIP Invitation to join the Beaufort Mob on Dec 19th; all Mob Members should make the pilgramage to Beaufort to run with the 5K Flash Mob in the town in which it was borne!  Remember, Run outside the box!

Register to become a member of the 5K Flash Mob.  Membership in the 5K Flash Mob is for life, which means you be automatically registered into this 5K Flash Mob and you will receive a VIP Invitation for free registrations for all future 5K Flash Mobs!!  Register to become a member of the 5K Flash Mob.

So, what is a 5K Flash Mob?

A 5K Flash Mob is a group of runners who assemble suddenly to run 5000 meters outdoors.  They complete this unusual and seemingly pointless act within 55 minutes, then quickly disperse, but often times will reassemble afterwards to rehydrate and replenish.

All are welcome to join in on the Flash Mob, because it is free, but only registered participants will receive a bib number.  Bib numbers have value, for free hydration awaits bib holders, plus gifts are often handed out at the post race assembly.

Join the 5K Flash Mob, and run a 5K, or walk our 1.6K course, because we “flash mob” for a reason, and our reason is to support St Jude Children's Research Hospital, because all new membership proceeds from Active.com are donated to St Jude's!

Once you have supported St Jude's, you've now got the t-shirt, and you are part of the 5K Flash Mob for LIFE!!  Thanks in advance for your support!

* The one time only registration fee through Active.com is for membership into the 5K Flash Mob and is not a race entry fee.  5K Flash Mobs are just one free benefit for being a member of the 5K Flash Mob. 

Website: 5kflashmob.com

FB Page: www.facebook.com/5KFlashMob

FB Event:  www.facebook.com/events/1519155764991581/

Event details and schedule

Participants will be notified after MIDNIGHT (and before 7am) before prior to the race when and where to go for you pre-race materials pick-up, the location of the start, the route, parking recommendations and the post-race refueling location.  When you receive the route, please ensure you become familiar with it, as this is a 5K Flash Mob.  Water will be available before and after the race.

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