Wilson's Winter Relay


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Sat, Feb 22, 2020


Barboursville, WV


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Wilson's Winter Relay [30 miles; 2-5 people per team]

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Wilson's Winter Relay

Robert Wilson had an idea: a West-to-East relay run of the Kanawha Trace trail. In February. For free.

  • Who: 2-5 person relay teams
  • What: running the entire length of the Kanawha Trace Trail
  • Where: on the 30 mile long Kanawha Trace Trail (that's a link to a map) starting on the west side of the trail (7268 Wild Cat Rd, Barboursville, WV) and ending on the east side of the trail (648 Staves Branch Rd, Fraziers Bottom, WV)
  • When: Starting at 8 am on Saturday, February 22nd.  7.5 hour time cut-off: finish by 3:30 pm (4 mph / 15 min/mi pace cutoff).
  • Cost: FREE
  • Why: Why...? Insanity? Vanity? Camaraderie? Boredom? 

Each 2-5 person team must have their own support vehicle to transport runners to and from designated exchange checkpoints. A single GPS watch must be carried for the whole course -- that's your "baton" for this relay.  (Note: each runner can also have their own individual GPS watch too, if desired.)

Exchange Checkpoints, Total Distance, Segment Distance, and Lat/Long

You may exchange runners at any of the following locations. How long each runner runs, and which segments, is entirely up to you.

  1. Start                              0        0           38.425773, -82.270703
  2. Blue Sulphur                3.4     3.4         38.441516, -82.245731
  3. Big Cabell Creek         6.2     2.8          38.462972, -82.229597
  4. Howell's Mill                7.9      1.7         38.473506, -82.215296
  5. Jericho Rd                   9.0     1.1          38.473173, -82.205182
  6. McComas Branch       10.1    1.1         38.470255, -82.189322
  7. Hammer Hollow Rd    12.0    1.9         38.489397, -82.187991
  8. Barkers Ridge Rd       13.4    1.4         38.505596, -82.191977
  9. Jenkin's Creek Rd      16.5     3.1        38.515571, -82.143245
  10. Blake Rd                     18.4    1.9         38.531665, -82.128701
  11. Hannan-Trace Rd       21.5     3.1        38.556439, -82.118962
  12. Mason Rd                   25.0     3.5        38.564464, -82.071522
  13. Stave Branch Rd        30.0     5.0        38.568303, -82.002514

Ten (Crybaby) Reasons You Shouldn't Run Wilson's Winter Relay

  1. No Course Markings!  We're not putting up flags. The Kanawha Trace trail is already marked.  And runners will be sent a .gpx file to load on their phone for navigation.
  2. Horrible Weather!  It's February. Rain, snow, or brimstone, the run is ON. 
  3. No Aid Stations!  No gummy bears.  No M&M's. No Gatorade.  No Oreos.  If you want to eat or drink, carry it. (Plus, it's a relay -- you really should be able to run 5-15 miles without needing a snack.)
  4. Stupid prizes!  You get what you pay for, I guess.
  5. Nobody will be cheering for you!  If you want to be cheered for, go do a triathlon.
  6. Hills!  But none of them are more than 400 vertical feet.  You'll be fine.
  7. Time cutoffs!  There is a 7.5 hour time limit for this race (i.e., 4.0 mph speed; 15 minutes/mile pace). How rude! What if you don't feel like running?!? 
  8. The post-race meal is a pot-luck!  So, not only do you have to run, but you also have to cook.  You better hope the other runners are better in the kitchen than you are!
  9. No T-shirt!  If you're reading this, the last thing you need is another race T-shirt.
  10. You'll have to carry a FRS radio ("walkie-talkie")!  That way when you feel dizzy, get tired, or stub your toe - and there's no cell service - you can still call for a rescue. 


  1. Nothing.  (Maybe an eye-roll, and sarcastic "congratulations".)
  2. $5 Speedway gift card.
  3. $10 Speedway gift card.
  4. Coconut cream pie.
  5. Nothing.
  6. Loaf of sourdough bread.
  7. Banana cream pie.
  8. $20 Chipoltle gift card.
  9. USB powerbank
  10. Free entry to next year's race.

Post Race Meal: Pot-Luck at Camp Arrowhead.  5:00 pm (on race day)

Send a message if you have questions.

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