2020 Summit for Life

Event Date

Thu, Nov 26, 2020


Aspen, CO

About This Activity

With statewide health restrictions still in place due to COVID-19, CKF's annual Summit for Life celebration is going to look a little different this year...but that doesn't mean the party's over!

The 2020 Summit for Life is entirely virtual and better than ever! Why? Because instead of the typical in-person race up Aspen Mountain for just one night in December, we are giving contestants TEN DAYS to complete their OWN CHOICE of vertical ascent. That's right! This year's Summit for Life event starts on November 26th and ends on December 6th, so you'll be sure to work off that Thanksgiving dinner in no time!

Forget about bad weather and cold temps! As a 2020 Summit for Life participant, you get to decide how you want to virtually "summit" Aspen or Buttermilk Mountain, anywhere and anytime: whether it's hiking up a hill, using the stair-master, running at an incline on the treadmill, uphilling on your local ski mountain (*cough cough* looking at you, Aspen)—the possibilities are endless! Climb the 3,267-vertical-foot or 1,683-vertical foot ascent at your own pace and on your own time: in the morning, after work, over the weekend—as long as you log the feet (or meters), it's completely up to you!

You're probably asking "how do I reach 3,267 or 1,683-vertical foot when I don't have mountains in my backyard?" Time to think outside the box! You can climb stairs, flights of stairs, or even dust off that old stair climber in the corner of your gym. The equivalent of Aspen Mountain's 3,267-vertical-foot ascent is 5,600 steps or 273 flights of stairs. Buttermilk Mountain's 1,683-vertical-foot is 2,885 steps or 140 flights. We cannot wait to see how you accumulate the vertical challenge. 

Pro tip: you don't have to run or walk each day (phew!), you just have to finish the total vertical ascent in ten days. You'll be able to log your feet/meters, track your progress, and check the leaderboard daily. We'll also be sharing the best photos that you guys post on social media, so wear something fun, snap a pic or take a video, tag us and give a shoutout to CKF and organ donation!

Did we mention? You can also register with your buddies as a team! If you belong to a gym, work for a company, volunteer with an organization...you name it. Get a group together, pick a team name, and start climbing to raise awareness for organ, eye, and tissue donation!

Go above and beyond (literally!) with our 2020 Summit for Life Vertical Challenge! If 3,267 vertical feet seems like a walk in the park (and not a race up a mountain), then keep going! Compete against your friends and other teams on the leaderboard to see who can climb the most vertical feet in ten days. The first-place winner will receive a special prize.

All registered participants will receive a commemorative 2020 Summit for Life T-shirt and neck buff with their registration. Those that fundraise get entered into the giveaway! If you're local, we will be hosting a pickup location for your swag at the Red Brick Center for the Arts. If you're not local, we'll be shipping your items to you. Just let us know what you prefer when you sign up! Registration ends on December 6th at 8 PM MDT.

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