Gerrymandered 5K

Event Date

Sun, Nov 6, 2016


Asheville, NC

About This Activity

UPDATE: "Due to permit costs the Gerrymander 5k has been cancelled. We greatly regret this - as we believe that the disempowerment of voters through gerrymandering should be highlighted. However - we will be meeting at the WALK in West Asheville at 2pm on November 6 for a beer and an informal chalk walk along the section of the gerrymander line along Haywood Road. Then we will have another beer after the walk. Beer activism."


The Gerrymandered 5k. "We draw the line in West Asheville"

What: The Gerrymandered 5k  & Chalk-Walk
When: Sunday, November 6. Packet pickup at 2 pm. Race starts at 3.
Where: Race and chalk-walk will begin and end at Up Country Brewing, 1042 Haywood Rd, West Asheville (across from the Odditorium).

What exactly is going to happen?

On Sunday, November 6th at 3 pm, runners and chalk-walkers will proceed along an up-and back 5k course starting and ending at Up Country Brewing. The course is through a quiet residential neighborhood, and it follows some of the weirder and more deliberate twists and turns found anywhere on the new district 11 line.

The Gerrymandered 5k is an opportunity to people to walk or run this line with their own two feet. This line is the kind of thing that has to be seen to be believed. Please join us.

Why a 5k?

Our idea began as an art project, to trace with chalk the new line which divides congressional districts 10 and 11. But once we had walked the line, we realized it would have maximum impact if other people walked (or ran) it too. (We’ll only be run/walking a small piece of this boundary line in the 5k, but you’ll definitely get the idea.)

It’s a weird line. It will make you think.

Is this a race, or a protest, or a party?

It’s a race. It will be timed, for those who want to be timed. It’s a protest. Anyone and everyone who sees this line will protest it. And it’s a party. Up Country Brewing is providing drink specials and a band for race runners beginning at 4 pm.

What if I want to protest but I’m not a runner?

There will be two options. The runners will wear numbers, race the 5k, be timed, and will receive t-shirts and prizes by age group, as with any traditional 5k.

The other group is the chalk artists. They will receive t-shirts and sticks of chalk. They will help to draw the line so that everyone in West Asheville can be aware of what’s happened to these voting districts. The chalk-walkers can go as fast or as slow as they want.

Who benefits?

Proceeds from the Gerrymander 5K will go to the League of Women Voters.

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