Mason District Running Festival

5K, Other, 1 Mile

Event Date

Sat, Sep 23, 2017


Annandale, VA


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Mason District 5K @ 8 am

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Mason District Mile @ 9 am

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Mason District 5K @ 10 am

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Mason District Mile @ 11 am

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Mason District 5K @ 12 pm

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Mason District Mile @ 1 pm

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Mason District 6 Hour Run

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About This Activity

Welcome to the Mason District Running Festival, which is brought to the community by Get up and Go Coaching, LLC (More about us see below.) Idea for the festival chystallized while we were sharing those beautiful park trails on our runs with other runners and walkers. We thought it would be nice to organize an event in the park, which would encourage locals to come to the park, share the trails, become more familiar with the park, meet people and local organizations/businesses, support local community organizations by raising funds for them, and maybe create some new friendships and ways to support each other, and finally, to have some fun.

That’s how Mason District Running Festival was born: not a race but a festival, which will start at 8 am and last till 2 pm. It will give people a chance to participate at one or more events. We mapped a 5K course as well as 1 mile one. 

Here is basic outline of the festival:
Running Component
a.       Every even hour (8 am, 10 am, 12 pm) a 5K run will start. (That will give people a chance to run it in the morning, if having afternoon obligations, or early afternoon, if they can’t make it in the morning.), or they can run all three events if they want and more.
b.      Every odd hour (9 am, 11 am, 1 pm) there will be a start of a 1 mile run. (The same idea here again: giving people opportunity to try it more often).
c.       At 8 am will start a 6 hour run, ending at 2pm. That will be a long distance run for those who would like to challenge themselves in an event like that as well as for experienced ultra runners.
As it can be seen from the above the festival will offer 7 separate events:
5K (3.1 mile) run at:    8 am, 10 am, 12 pm, (3 x 5K run)
1 mile run at:               9 am, 11 am, 1 pm (3 x 1M run)
6 hour run at:               8 am start (1 x 6h run)

Having such a variety of options we hope to attract complete novice runners as well as seasoned long distance champions and everyone in between; we’d like to see young families and retirees, school kids and their teachers, 1 mile runners and ultra marathoners.


1.    Check in: for 8am 5K and 6-hour run it will start at 7:30. For other runs it will start 20 minutes before the start of a run.

2.    Registration: online and at the Festival at least half an hour before event you would like to participate in. Each runner/walker must register and sign a waiver.

3.    Admission Fee: NO fees. The festival is a gift: event itself, with marked courses, water, snacks, coffee in the morning, ice cream throughout a day, time tracking etc. However, there are also no shirts, hats, and other fancy giveaways – OK, each participant does get a goodie bag with sun glasses but that’s about it. (You may win a raffle prize – read more about that below - so make sure you buy some tickets). We do accept return gifts and thank you for all those that have been sent our way already as well as for the ones that are still coming. Gifts are being accepted before, during and after the festival, until October 1, 2016. Suggested gift amount is between $5 and $50.

4.    Course(s) and Course Markings: 5K course will be marked white arrow signs and 1 mile course with yellow arrow signs. Besides the arrow signs on sticks there will also be Road ID streamers and at some places, to avoid confusion – like that ever happens on trails – flour markings on the grounds. Although the 5K course may be a bit confusing, with great markings you should be able to stay on it without a trouble. If for some reason you miss a turn look at it as bonus miles (like getting a holiday bonus, which is not taxable.)

5.    Course Surface: Both courses are over 97% shaded and on trails, fire or gravel roads, or grass, which means lots of roots, rocks, leaves etc. There are couple of bridge crossings on both courses and couple of stream crossing on 5K course (Looks like the streams will be dry on Saturday). Runners may need to cross/jump over tree logs and climb some steep hills (Approximately 120 feet of elevation gain on 5K course most during the second half of it). Start and finish for all distances will be the same and on the gravel road on top of the amphitheater.

6.    Aid Station(s): main aid station will be at start/finish line and will offer water and maybe some snacks. There will be another aid station located near the dog park parking area, which is approximately at 0.5 mile on 1 mile course and at mile 1 and 2 on 5K course. That aid station will offer just water and may be unmanned. Cups may be available but we encourage you to bring your own bottle to help reduce waste.

7.    Timing: No chips or any of that modern stuff. We will do it old fashion way with a stop watch. So, it certainly won’t be to a one hundredth of a second correct, heck, it may even not be to a second correct but in general, you will have pretty good idea about the time in which you finished your run.

8.    Parking: is available on the upper level near tennis courts (approximately 50 parking spots). On Saturday mornings many people come and play tennis and take up to half of those spots. Especially for 8 am start (5K and 6-hour run), if there is no space at this parking lot, there are more parking spots available at lower level near soccer fields, which would require participants to walk to the start area (< 0.5 mile). All participants are asked to respect all park rules and regulations including parking.

9.    Be Green: in an effort to reduce amount of trash we encourage participants to bring their own water bottles or reusable cups.

10.  Refunds: Since there are no fees, there are no refunds. Your gifts and donations are just that – gifts and donations  and we thank you for them.

11.  Food: Fava Pot food truck ( will be at the park for most part of the day, serving delicious and healthy food. As much as we would like to bring this service as a gift to the participants that is NOT a case this time. Fava Pot will serve their regular food for their regular prices, so make sure you don't come with empty pockets, especially because portion of the sales will be donated to the fundraiser.

12.  Ice Cream: Hudson Orthodontics ( is gifting their ice cream truck. Well, not the truck itself but ice cream that will be in the truck. Ice cream is a gift to the participants and any return gifts will be appreciated, since they will greatly contribute to the fundraising effort.

13.  Restrooms: There are restrooms (with concrete wall and all, not port-a-potty) with sinks but NO showers just 35 steps away from the start/finish line. There are also water fountains there.

14.  Driving Directions: Park is called Mason District Park. Address is: 6621 Columbia Pike,
Annandale, VA US 22003. Once you turn into the park you will have immediate split: left, where the soccer fields are - DON”T go there. Turn right up a hill and after 1/8 of a mile there is a parking area with approximately 50-60 spots. From parking area you will see start/finish line.

15.  Dogs: this is a dog friendly park. On the other side there is literally a dog park but even on trails it is fine to walk/run with dogs. If they are behaved they don’t have to be on leash. So, feel free to bring your dog(s) with you.

16.  Kids: are welcome to join you. If you want them to officially participate that is fine as long as you sign a waiver on their behalf. If they will join you unofficially that’s perfectly fine.

17.  Strollers: NO. Neither the 5K nor the 1 mile course is stroller friendly. Too many roots, rocks, tree trunks, loose gravel. Simply not safe. Safety first.

Gifting, Raffle, and Community Service Components
a.       Gifting: The festival is brought to the community and its people as a gift. Everybody may participate whether they have money or not, whether they sign up in advance or on the spot. Participants are asked, though, to gift us back/donate, if they are in situation to do so. That is completely up to them as well as the size of their gift. If not, they may still participate in as many events as they desire and are able to.Suggested gift amount is between $5 and $50. Gifts are being accepted before, during and after the festival, until October 1, 2016. Participants will be able to gift/donate via the event’s website, by using credit card, all the time up to October 1, 2016 by sending a check to us or at the event itself, where cash and checks as well as credit cards will also be accepted.

b.      Raffle: Each participant will receive a free raffle ticket for each mile they will run. One mile runs will yield 1 raffle ticket, while 5K will yield 3 tickets. Those who will do 6 hour run will receive number of tickets corresponding to completed miles.

At the festival, participants will also be able to buy raffle tickets at the following rate:

Number of tickets    Dollar Amount    Price per Ticket
             1                         $1                        $1
           10                         $5                        $0.50
           30                         $10                      $0.33
         100                         $20                      $0.20
         200                         $30                      $0.15
         300                         $40                      $0.13

There will be raffle drawing every hour but number of prizes at each drawing depend on number of items businesses/organizations/individuals will donate to the festival. These are raffle prizes:

Trader Joe's Bags of GroceriesFirefox Grill Gift Card | Running Technical T-shirt by Athletic Equation | Set of Sample Products by Sunny Skin Care | Gift Certificates by Road ID | Gift Certificates by Moe's Southwest Grill | Mugs and Coffee by Starbucks | Gift Certificates by Get Up And Go Coaching

c.       Community Service: We would like to help a local non-profit organization with a donation and that is the main reason for the entire event. This time we are raising funds:

  •          Stuart High School Athletic Boosters: “We are a group of volunteers that supports every athlete and every team at J.E.B. Stuart High School. We are passionate about giving our athletes the best opportunities to succeed in sports and in life.” For more about the organization click the following link:
  •          Firefighters Fund of Fairfax County: It is a non-profit organization established to help the employees of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue in their times of personal need. Visit their FB page:

Business Component:

We would like to see all local businesses and organizations to be part of the Festival. We accept monetary and in-kind gifts and we offer the following suggested gift options:

1.      Gifter $50:
  • your name/business/organization will be published on the event’s website and
  • in a post-event e-publication, which will be sent to all participating parties.
2.      Gifter $100:
  • your name will be published on the website and
  • your business card in the post-event e-publication, and
  • any promotional material you provide will be distributed to the event participants
3.      Gifter $250:
  • your name will be published on the website and
  • a quarter page ad in the post-event e-publication,
  • any promotional material you provide will be distributed to the event participants and
  • you will have a chance to put up a presentation table/stand during the event
4.      Gifter 500:
  • your name will be published on the website and
  • full size ad/infomercial in the post-event e-publication,
  • any promotional material you provide will be distributed to the event participants and
  • you will have a chance to put up a presentation table/stand during the event
If your organization/business decides to become one of the event’s Gifters, you can do so by clicking on “Send Us a Gift” button and insert the amount you would like to send. After receiving your gift we will connect with you in order to find a way of cooperation that will be the most suitable for all parties.
If you are considering in-kind gift, please send us an email at and we will work together with you to find a solution that will work the best for all involved parties. In-kind gifts may go directly to one of the beneficiaries or may be used as a raffle prizes.
Here is a summary of how your organization/business can be part of the festival:
  • ·         Send a monetary gift
  • ·         Offer an in-kind gift (food items, gift cards, products, vouchers for services etc.)
Here is a summary of gifts you will receive in return:
  • ·         Name of your organization is published on the website
  • ·         Have a presentation of your product/services (Offer an introductory yoga class, self-defense crash course etc.) or offer your products to participants to test try them (running shoes or massage sticks etc.). NO sale or direct solicitation is allower in the park - FCPA regulations.
  • ·         Mentioning in the post-event e-publication,
  • ·         Distribution of your promotional material among the event participants
Send us an email at, if you have any questions regarding this or any other segment.

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