Boston Marathon Clinic

Event Date

Wed, Jan 20, 2016


Ann Arbor, MI

About This Activity

Wednesday, January 20th. 6PM (clinic capped at 50 people).

Doug LeMaster is an avid runner, having participated in everything from a 5k in a blizzard to a 100k in record setting heat in a desert. Twenty four years of running has taught him quite a bit about the sport, as has training with Olympic coaches and athletes out in Flagstaff, Arizona. Not content with just running, he is also a 7x Ironman finisher. On January 20th at 6 pm, Doug will share his unique insights on running the Boston marathon, including surviving the Expo, pre-race and race day strategies, and a detailed course breakdown. Even if you are not running Boston in 2016, Doug’s humorous approach to racing may provide you with a few insights into a 3:11 marathoner’s twisted mind.

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