Hoof it 4 Haiti.

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Mon, Apr 7, 2014


Andalusia, AL

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Mission Trip to Children’s Hope Orphanage, Jacmel, Haiti – June 14-21, 2014

The mission trip to Haiti June 14-21 will be to return again to Children’s Hope Orphanage, a ministry of First Baptist Church Montgomery, Alabama. Jay Wolfe is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Montgomery. Children’s Hope has been actively meeting the needs of orphans and the larger community of Jacmel, Haiti, for approximately four years. The mission trip team will be comprised of 18 members this year. There are 15 team members from the Covington County area including members from three local Baptist churches. There will also be three members from the Oxford, Alabama area in the north central part of the state. The focus of the mission trip will be to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in and through children’s ministry, sports evangelism, and construction. Children’s ministry will be conducted in local Baptist churches in the Jacmel area. Many of these churches are small fellowships that have nothing more than a two by four structure for sides (open air is common) and a roof of tin that is comparable to our aluminum foil in the United States. People will come in large numbers (50-100) to participate in the Bible stories, crafts, games, and music that will be presented. Often times, whole families will come with the children to the ministry sites. There is 80% unemployment in Haiti so many are without jobs and readily come out to hear what is going on in their community. The gospel is shared not only for the children but the adults as well. The number of churches that will be visited will vary. Past mission teams have worked with one church specifically for the week and sometimes different churches are visited daily. The children’s ministry team will do ministry with the orphans at Children’s Hope, usually during the afternoons after having worked in the churches during the morning. The sports evangelism ministry aspect of the mission team is new to ministries of Children’s Hope. To my knowledge in talking with the leadership of Children’s Hope, including Tommy Schwindling who with his wife Joy are the two missionaries who oversee day to day operations in Haiti, this will be the first time sports has been used to a greater extent to reach people for Christ in the Jacmel area. The Haitian people are very fond of soccer. The sports evangelism team this summer will use baseball as a means of getting the interest of the people and praying for the opportunity to share Christ as they teach baseball. Recent news from Jacmel indicates there is interest building for the baseball event. One must remember that the Dominican Republic, the home nation of some of baseball’s greatest, is the nation on the other side of the island. There will be one team member from the Oxford area who led a young boy salvation in Jesus last summer when he used a wiffle ball and bat to strike up a relationship with young Haitian. It has been his desire since last summer to return to Haiti and use baseball as a way to share the gospel. There will be two local high school head baseball coaches on the team along with two teenagers who play baseball locally to help teach baseball and share the gospel. We are obviously very interested in what God is going to do in this area of ministry. The final portion of the team will complete construction projects locally. The specifics of this part of the ministry usually develop as the time for departure nears. Projects could be varied from putting tin on a building, pouring concrete (mixed by hand!), carpentry work, building pews for churches, completing building projects at the orphanage as it is still under construction, or whatever jobs need doing. Flexibility is the key in the construction realm in Haiti. The main focus of the entire mission trip is to pray for God to allow team members to build relationships with the people of Haiti so that the gospel may be shared. There are many barriers that will be faced and language is one them but our trust is in God and what He will do to bring people to Himself. Our assignment is to obey Him by going (Matthew 28:18-20) as Jesus has commanded us to do. May God be glorified as much is made of His only Son, Jesus.
-Eric Searcy

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Registration will begin at First Baptist Church, Andalusia May 17 at 7:30 AM. Race time will be at 9:00 AM

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