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The Course Have you got what it takes to conquer W.A.R? The W.A.R. course is now even bigger and better at our new location at Woodhall Estate in Hertford. We’ve got more obstacles, more varied terrain, and more challenges and the last event was our best W.A.R. yet! 10k Route This is a tough 10k run including lots of obstacles, hills, water and muddy terrain. 5k Route The 5k route is an easier and shorter route than the 10k. Still includes lots of obstacles, but fewer hills. Obstacles The obstacles and course are designed by the expert Regiment Fitness team. They will challenge the fittest athletes to their limits. The Regiment Fitness Instructors are on hand for the beginners to assist on all obstacles should you need a little help. We’ve got plenty of obstacles for you to tackle along the way from the giant steps and the zip line to the tunnels and water obstacles, with plenty of other climbing and sliding obstacles scattered along the hilly, muddy route. We’ll also have some brand new obstacles for you to tackle – the next W.A.R. will be the toughest yet!

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