BFM Running Club

About BFM Running Club

This is a free running club, open to folks who have been regularly running for at least about a year and/or completed a half or full marathon race. "BFM" stands for: Barely F**king Minimum. Most of our members are based in Minnesota and were originally members of the Twin Cities Marathon Class of 2016. We have members in Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, other states, Switzerland, Brazil, and even a few in Finland! BFM'ers are either in some kind of race training, or just plain ol' running! Get out there and run!! The Facebook group is "closed," so request to join and mention Localraces!

contact: Phillip Trobaugh
phone: (651) 690-0930


Upcoming Events hosted by BFM Running Club

No upcoming events hosted by BFM Running Club at this time.

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