Improve your freestyle swimming technique, efficiency and power with Masters Swimming World Record Holder, National Duathlon winner, and coach, Karlyn Pipes. Coach Pipes demonstrates five techniques for improving freestyle using the Vasa Ergometer and underwater video instruction. These techniques will lead to more efficient freestyle swimming and increased stroke power to achieve speed, sustained power, and freestyle endurance:

Technique 2. Fingertip Orientation

Fingertips need to be straightforward for the most power in the freestyle stroke. Karlyn demonstrates how strength diminishes when the elbows are straightened or hands are pointed outward or inward. The most potentially dangerous position is one in which the hands get ahead of the elbow. The internal rotation can be very damaging to the shoulder. Keep the fingers pointed straightforward to obtain the Early Vertical Forearm. Tim Crowley demonstrates each arm position while stationary and also on the Vasa Ergometer.