1. Race directors are firefighters. A race director relies heavily on volunteers, vendors, and sponsors to carry through with assigned tasks and orders, etc. Sometimes, there is miscommunication or someone simply does not follow through. It is the race director's responsibility to have a back-up plan for anything and everything that could go awry. For example, if volunteers set to man a road crossing bail at the last minute, it is up to the race director to quickly find replacements and keep the integrity of the race intact. Race directors rarely go a race without having fires to put out. While we take on this responsibility, we hope that maybe if things aren't exactly as planned in your next race, you view things through a softer lense.

2. We cannot always accurately predict how many shirts we are going to need for a race and we are just as disappointed as you are when we run out the day of. Most races have a shirt deadline or a disclaimer that there may not be shirts left on the day of the race. This does not seem to deter some from getting pretty hot when they show up 30 minutes prior to race time to register and don't get a shirt. Believe me, we are just as disappointed as you are when this happens. We want to make everyone happy and we hate for anyone to walk away less than giddy about the race experience. We use algorithms and crunch numbers based on past races to try to come as close as we possibly can to ordering the right amount of shirts. But, sometimes things don't always go as planned. The bottom line is: if having a race shirt is important to you, register early. If that's not possible for some reason, then expect the shirts may be gone. If there are shirts left, then your expectations will have been exceeded and you will have a more satisfying race experience.

3. We are invested in your success. We spend the better part of our days and nights in the weeks leading up to a race managing many moving parts necessary for race success. Sometimes, we wake in the middle of the night with an idea that could make the race even better and we grab a piece of paper and jot it down so we don't forget. We stretch our budgets sometimes just because we want to provide a little bit nicer of a medal or a cooler shirt. We know that you've trained hard for this and we know that for some, it is a first race. And, we want you to come back. Nothing makes us happier or gives us as great a feeling of satisfaction as when we see you cross that finish line!