Arkoma Wheelchair Racers

About Arkoma Wheelchair Racers

This club was created when I reached out and wasn't able to locate any wheelchair clubs in the River Valley of Arkansas. So what did I do? Just the only sensible thing I would how to. I started one. If you have limitations in walking, running or biking. Have you ever giving thought to alternative wheelchair racing? Neither had I until I was told it would be the only option. Hi, my name is Jon. And I am the founder and director of Arkoma Racers. We are just getting off the ground and welcome all and like they say, "Rome was built in a Day, but a wheel sure helped."

contact: Jon Baker



Upcoming Events hosted by Arkoma Wheelchair Racers

No upcoming events hosted by Arkoma Wheelchair Racers at this time.

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Training Schedule

We are working towards a Tuesday & Thursday routine. March-April 2020. Beginners will start at a 0-3 degree plain for 3 miles. Intermediates will start at a 0-3 degree plain for 5 miles. Advanced will assist B/I with their routines or Advanced will start at 0-3 degree plain for 10 miles.