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My name is Joshua Spurlock and I'm the sole founder of Dirty Gutter Customs LLC. I'm starting this Club: Almost Heaven's Angel's Bike Club. My sole purpose of doing so is to give anyone and everyone here locally an outlet to reach out to give me an idea of how big the custom bike culture is around us, and make it available to all. We can clearly see the wave of motor bikes around town and it's not slowing down. So iwant to try to start a cyclist show club. With enough effort and every local supporting one another we could possibly host shows and put on events, perhaps even sponsor those events one day. Show of hands, who else out here is into custom chopper/lowrider bikes? or electric and gas powered motor kits for custom bikes, regular trikes, or drift trikes?

contact: Joshua Spurlock
phone: (304) 617-8476


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No need to train, just have a love for the art of the custom my friends.